What is WAWMR Inc? (pronounced warmer)

WA Women Motorcycle Riders (WAWMR) Inc. was incorporated in 2013 and is a community organisation run by female riders for female riders. We are committed to nurturing the female riding community and promoting the sport for women.

The brainchild of prominent and passionate members of the WA motorcycling community, WAWMR was started in an informal capacity in 2007 and as an organised Facebook group in 2010. The club is governed by an executive board, a general committee and paying members.

To date, WAWMR has hosted many events including; group rides, ladies-only track days, rider training, dinners, weekenders and maintenance courses. We have plans for heaps more adventures!

WAWMR offers a safe, friendly and unintimidating atmosphere where women can improve their riding skills, boost their confidence on the road, and work on their road craft. We welcome riders of all levels to the group: beginners, intermediate and experienced.

Bringing together women with a passion for riding is our goal so if you or your partner, sister, daughter, mother or grandmother would like to join, please check out the details on how to become a member. After all, why should we let the boys have all the fun?!

From our Rules of Association, the objects of the Club are:

(i) To build and develop a community to foster support for women motorcycle riders in Western Australia;
(ii) To promote welfare and interests within the WAWMR community;
(iii) To develop projects aimed at improving the WAWMR community;
(iv) To foster cooperation between like minded community groups;
(v) To provide recreational and social interaction; and
(vi) To raise funds to support the WAWMR community.