How do I better my riding?

  • link to twist of the wrist II video
  • trust the bike - it way more capable than us - do not be scared of it
  • try new things
  • reflect on what worked and what didn't
  • talk to other riders
  • attend a track day or rider training course (Trakdayz, MCRCWA Ride Days, Champions Ride Days, BART course) - practice same road and corners over and over again, nothing changes, no cars/kerbs etc removes the unknown quantity so can exchange a little bit that you keep in reserve on the road (due to the unknown e.g. gravel on the road, cars pulling across your path) for a little bit more capacity due to knowing exactly what is around the next corner (clear road). opportunity to learn about your bike and your skills. i.e. might ride at 70% on the road, may ride at 80-85% on the track but you are at no greater risk than riding at 70% on the road as you have more certainty.