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Website Updates

Now that we are incorporated, WAWMR have started to take on club members, and we have hit 100!! Exciting times :) Our membership application forms are now online, we have created a Members Only section on the site, and have/are revamping the whole website with a great new look.
Our first mailout of the jazzy new memberships cards in our WAWMR welcome pack for everyone who joins up has been posted.
Our committee will continue to track down potential discounts for our members with local businesses.
As I'm sure you can imagine, this is a lot of work and we are all volunteers with limited time, so please be patient with us. :)

We are all very excited and looking forward to seeing you at events and joining us on the road! :)

The cost of membership is $15 for the rest of this year and includes access to all our events, motorcycle maintenance days and we're working on a variety of member discounts with our sponsors.

More details will be made available as they get finalised!

International Female Ride Day

The ride on May 3rd was a great success with almost 70 riders in attendance!

EVENTS SINCE...........
The Purple Bra Day ride on June 21 was so much fun and in just a short couple of weeks, we raised $1088.50 for Breast Cancer Care WA. The weather was not good for us so only had a small number on the day but wearing tutus, bras and a huge smile, great fun and lots of learning to manage in the wet was had by us who did brave the rain.

Our monthly dinner rides continue to be a great success and the raffle held at each dinner has provided some great entertainment and biker-orientated prizes for the winning ladies.

The free maintenance course was held again in August at Steve's Motorcycles. Ladies learn much while enjoying a good narrative and some hands on experience under Steve's expert guidance.

The Ladies Weekender 870km Down South round trip event is only days away (6-7th September) and is anticipated to be much fun and enjoyment for all of those who took a leave pass for the weekend, being Fathers Day and all...

The hugely successful Pink Ribbon Ride is scheduled for October 5 and lots going on for that so take a look!
The Rider Training is available for Members Only October 12th and will be most beneficial to any lady road rider. Log on and take a look at this Event too!

There is an evening movie and picnic outing being planned for the near future as the weather continues to improve and of course our Annual glitz and Glamour Xmas Dinner Function at a central location and date yet to be confirmed is not too far away now - heels and lipstick a popular choice as no biking required :)
The 2015 Bikini bike wash is being planned for early next year and lots of other ideas yet to be formalised.

Welcome to all of our Members, our new Members and to the ladies yet to join us :)

Input from our members is always welcome! So send your suggestions to

Danny Green "Fighting Chance Ride for Kids" Charity Event

Sunday 6th April

Danny Green Personally contacted WAWMR asking for our support on his Charity ride so we thought we would try and get WAWMR to reprezent (yo!)

I'd love for a large group representing WAWMR to rock up to his ride together so we will do a meet shortly beforehand and head down to the ride together. GUYS AND GIRLS WELCOME

Meet 8:15am leave at 8:45am
Where: Causeway Bike Shops

For more info on the Fighting Chance Ride for kids and to register, go to

Hope to see you all there!
Facebook event page -

Girls: How good are your skills?

Want to be a better, smarter and more confident rider? No matter what you ride or where you ride it, join us for a ladies-only day of tuition with highly qualified and experienced instructors at Barbagello Raceway.

Check out the Ladies Only Rider Training - only Level 2 places left and they're going fast!

Perth Motorcycle and Scooter Show

20th Anniversary Supershow at the Claremont Showgrounds - Come check out the fun, we'll have a stand there and be selling calendars!

Incorporation Papers Submitted

After much work on the part of the committee, our club rules have been written down, the club name has been checked, our intentions advertised and the final papers submitted to the government for approval. Now we wait! :)

The Pink Ribbon Ride Sunday 27th October!

WAWMR Pink Ribbon Ride Banner 2013

Details are in the events section

The Incorporation Process Begins

WAWMR was started informally in 2007 and has been a Facebook group since 2010. Now we are going official, with rules and a committee and a website and everything. Stay tuned for more information as we work out all the details :)