Well some of you asked for it!!!!
So let’s do it!!!
Hard ARSE here we come!!
Saturday the 7th of October.
We have a route planned that will take us in a Northerly and Easterly direction before heading home.
Don’t think you can do it? Why not come and try anyway, you can always turn around, or load it into the trailer.
Or even park the bike up for the evening and continue the trip on the Sunday.
Are you in??
Even though this event is a free event, we do expect riders to pay towards the hire of a trailer and fuel for the towing car.
We have not previously required the trailer, but it is nice having it along for the ride, plus we can put our food/water in the car if you wish.
Booking Link – https://www.trybooking.com/CGZPT
Event Link – https://fb.me/e/3tNXlLXI4