General Advice

  • Rule Number 1: If you aren't sure, do what feels safe
  • Don't skimp on the safety gear
  • It is much easier to wheel your bike around (when it's turned off) if you put it in neutral
  • If your bike is feeling sort of heavy or just not handling as nicely as it used to, check the tyre pressure. The feeling that your bike isn't doing quite what you want it to do can be very bad for the confidence, can mess you up when you are trying to learn to do u-turns or slow maneuvering and it might not be anything to do with your level of skill - your tyres might be getting flat!
  • Layer up when it gets cold. A scarf tucked inside your jacket will make an enormous difference and wet weather pants over your jeans (even when its not raining) or adding a pair of stockings underneath will help keep you toasty warm.
  • Make sure if you let a partner or friend tinker with your bike that they know what they're doing! Your life is on the line. We had a lady come to the track without her front brake pads because her boyfriend hadn't put them back in after changing her brakes.