• Chain lubing – interval, how, use of rear stand, cleaning chain
  • Tyres – wear markers, pressures
  • different types of bike have different service intervals (e.g. changing the oil, changing spark plugs) – refer to your user manual


  • tyres – which sort? sticky (better grip, less kms), hard (less sticky, more kms), wet weather tyres, track oriented tyres (best grip, substantially less kms)
  • rearsets – important to adjust height at which legs intersect tank = grip and control, comfort, particularly important for very tall or very short people
  • adjustable levers – feel and adjustment
  • adjustments to suit individual – clutch, levers, gear shifter, brake pedal, suspension
  • sprocket size changes, but need speedohealer if speed not read off front wheel
  • crash protection – oggy knobs, swingarm sliders/spools, front fork sliders, engine covers
  • braided brake lines